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Pros And Cons Of Being A Live Casino Dealer

Live Casino

If you have ever been to a casino, you would have seen that one of the most happy seeming people there are the dealers at the casino. They always seem to be flawless, dressed neat and tidy and almost always polite. Although they seem indestructible, they seem so because that is part of their job description. So what are the pros and cons for working at a casino as a dealer?

Live Casino Dealer


First, the responsibilities if a casino dealer needs to be discussed. Although looking good and liking casino games are part of the job description of a casino dealer, those alone don’t make a good dealer. Dealers are also required to keep the customers entertained, while not getting distracted by them at any cost. They should also be able to handle stress responsibly. So it is safe to say that a person with anxiety around people should stay away from this industry.


First of all, the biggest advantage to being a casino dealer is that the person need not have much of a formal education. Anyone can be a live casino dealer with just about 2 weeks of training. They do not have to be good at math either, because all of the calculations regarding the payouts and whatnot are done by a computer allocated by the casino for the dealer. Another big advantage is that since casinos are run by big companies, they have well staffed human resource departments and hence give good benefits to the employees. These may include medical benefits, bonuses, reimbursements for people studying while working part time etc. The biggest advantage, though, is the fact that dealers get tips. Even though dealers only get paid minimum daily wage in some companies, they can get enough tips from customers.


Live dealers hardly get paid much, especially when starting out. They usually only get paid minimum wage, and it does not usually increase much for a long duration of time. Most of the money that dealers get, about 50 to 80 percent, are from tips from gamblers.
Looks are quite important for being a casino dealer. They represent the standard of the casino to the people at the table and therefore they need to look absolutely flawless. In some places, they are even required to look close to perfect even in extreme close ups.

Live dealers are supposed to take a training course before working there (unless you have years of experience). These courses are not funded by the casino, and therefore a new employee needs to have at least 500 dollars with them before taking up the job. Some countries do not allow dealers who do not have a license, and so that adds more monetary pressure on the croupier.

Being A Casino Dealer: Dream Job Or Nightmare?

Casino Dealer

If you have ever been to a casino, you would have come across what seems to be the chillest looking people on the planet: dealers. Dealers seem zen all the time, chatting you up while dealing cards, keeping you entertained all the time, and having a really good smile. You might have envied their chillness and might have even wanted to work as a dealer. But is it actually really worth it? Is there another side to the always sunny faced dealers of a casino?


FIrst of all, how do you become a dealer? Well, you do not have to have a formal education to be a dealer. So if education was your fear, there you go. However, that does not mean that every country sees it that way. There are several countries where people are supposed to have a license to practice as a live casino dealer. There are vocational training schools where people go to get a certificate by attending a course for dealing at the casino. There is also another obstacle that seems to be quite real. Once they hire a dealer, they are supposed to deposit an amount for their own training because most casinos do not train their dealers for free. So the dealer needs to have some backup cash before applying for the post of casino dealer. The more the number of games they are being trained in, the more money they need to pay to get the job.

Since that is cleared out, it takes us to the next question, how much do they make? Casino dealers usually only make minimum wage. Most of the money that casino dealers make, about 50 to 80 percent, comes from tips from gamblers. This brings us to another aspect of this job, which is being good with people. Only if you are good with people can you make them stay and play. The nicer you are with people, the better your chances of getting tipped well. Dealers also need to also be presentable at all times. Not only should they be presentable, but also good looking to some extent. Some casinos even go to the extent of ensuring that the dealers look flawless even in extreme close ups.

Do not take up dealing thinking that it is as easy as gambling. The dealers usually need to stand for long hours. When it comes to games like poker, they are supposed to sit for long hours. In spite of their hardships, they must be ready to deal with all types of people dealing with all kinds of emotions because the players may either be winning or losing and may take out their frustrations on the closest person they can get. So consider all these factors before taking up a job such as this.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make Including Tips?


Casinos are very fun places to be at. The constant fun and games, the always on setting, the night club aesthetic 24 hours a day, seven days a week: it is definitely a good vibes only sort of place. So there is a chance that people might try to get a job at casinos as dealers. Think about it, you can play what they are playing and not worry too much about losing because you have the house on your side. But how good is such a job? How much would you get? Here is some info about how casino dealers go about their lives.

fun and games

Daily Wage

Most people who deal in casinos work for daily wage. It is not such an impressive amount, you might probably only get 8 to 10 dollars per hour. Even while working for 40 hours a week, you would only make sixteen to twenty thousand a month, which is barely enough for rent even if you are living with a roommate in a cheap apartment. Most dealers make their fair share of dough with tips. The better the service, the greater will be the tip. In other words, it can be said that if you are not a people person, being a casino dealer is probably a bad idea. The hourly wage for dealers does not change with the game they are dealing, meaning that poker dealers make almost as much as roulette dealers. The same applies for craps, baccarat, Gai Pow, etc. However, experience does give the dealers a bit more money from the house, and since they know their way around all sorts of people, tips might be a bit more too. People do not actually work for 40 hours a week ideally, because most people see card dealing as a part time job for making a few extra bucks.

Perks And Drawbacks

Perks And Drawbacks

One of the best things about being a dealer is that there is no need for a degree. You can get a certificate of vocation for a 2 month course, and that should get you started somewhere. Also, if you are a night owl, looking to work the night shift can be advantageous because the night shift has fewer people and managers are always finding it difficult to cover for an employee leaving, or on leave. Dealers usually get 30 minute breaks for 90 minutes of work. This amounts to 2 hours of free time for 8 hours of work, which is unlike a lot of other jobs.

There are also drawbacks. At the table, the dealer may have to deal standing up on their feet for long periods of time. If dealing poker, an extra cushion on the chair would go a long way. The pay for such hectic work isn’t that great either.

How To Get A Job At A Casino – 10 Jobs You Can Get Right Now

Casino Jobs

Casinos are fun and exciting places to be at. Casinos can be seen like a resort, catering to a person’s every need. Therefore, they require people from a very wide range of areas. Casinos are not known to pay excellent, but they do pay enough. Some jobs can get you only minimum wage but they can make up for it with tips from gamblers. This allows the dealers to get more money than a person working for minimum wage.

Casinos also promote their employees, and have a policy that they promote their employees before hiring new ones. Here are some jobs you can get at a casino.


The dealer is the person who shuffles and distributes the cards on the table. Most casinos hire people without a degree, but there are casinos that hire dealers that have certification for dealing. There are vocational institutions that provide a certificate for dealing. This gives the dealer an edge over the other people who are applying. A dealer’s job also includes, reducing losses to the house, regularly shuffling cards, checking if a player is cheating etc.

Wait Staff

Being a waiter or bartender is one of the more lucrative jobs a person can hope for in a casino. The wait staff are supposed to be in uniform at all times. Communication skills are one of the most important skills that the wait staff needs to possess at a casino, because only then can they get tips; and only tips can get them enough money to live by.


Pit Boss

A pit boss is like an overseer of the games in the casino. The job of the pit boss is to make sure that people do not take advantage of the game and make more money than the casino can afford. Their job also includes making sure that all the equipment coming under that pit boss is in top condition and making sure they run perfectly. Contrary to popular belief, pit bosses are not always trying to ruin your day. They actually always try to resolve all conflicts peacefully.

Surveillance Officer

The surveillance officer is the person whose job is to keep looking at multiple CCTV footages and make sure that no cheating is taking place. They are responsible for the safety and security of the casino and also maintaining records of the audio and video being recorded 24×7.

Gaming Manager

The gaming manager’s job is much like a pit boss’s job, but only with a wider scope. The gaming manager makes sure that all the people playing are playing fair and all the staff under them are conducting themselves in a professional manner.

Effective Tips for Casino Architecture Design

Casino Architecture

The casino business has a lot of potential to raise revenue and help the management achieve its goals and objectives. But the sources of revenue need not be limited to the core business alone because there are other aspects that also come into the picture. One of these aspects is design, and casino architecture design does take matters to the right extent. Designing a casino and giving it a good look will attract people to come and play games of their choice. But how will one get started on this front? Well, here are some tips to make things effective.

1. The Idea of Comfort

Comfort and luxury are two aspects that customers need, and casinos should ensure that they meet such requirements. Incorporating dining areas, bars, comfortable seating, and other related aspects will uplift the design element and make things look the way they were supposed to look. Due to that, the idea of comfort needs to be broadened, and casinos should understand the importance of the same.


2. Classic Casino Tricks

Casinos follow a specific set of tricks to encourage patrons to stay within the premises and continue gambling. A few of these tricks include windowless walls and no clocks. These two tricks will eliminate the outside world and take similar thoughts away from their mind. Thanks to that, they will be focused on gambling, and that alone will be at the centre of their mind. So leave out the clocks and opt for windowless walls.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is another important aspect and follows the lines of comfort. Regardless of how big the casino is, patrons need to find quick access to games, food, beverages, and other such aspects. For this purpose, the designing of the building needs to be done in such a manner that a clear path towards these facilities is instantly available. Once you offer such services, patrons will be comfortable, and nobody will be confused about it.

4. Replacements and Durable Materials

A systematic method of replacement needs to be a part of the business plan, and everyone should look into it. In this manner, the design will never be bothered by time, and the aspect of durability will enter the scene. Not only will the casino give out a good look, but it will also establish a proper appeal. Due to that, replacing materials that have gone with time and adding durable materials to the mix is an essential part of casino architecture design.

architecture design


These tips are not the only ones that promote a quality design concept. But the rest needs to come from you and your experience in casinos. So look around and be creative in your approach because it helps to a great extent.

Why Women Are Finding Careers In The Casino Industry

Women Career

The casino industry is quite the glamorous one. The soft 24×7 night setting lights, always on atmosphere and energetic music all contribute to the larger than life aesthetic of a casino. It is a fast paced environment for a work background. However, the gaming sector hires almost four hundred thousand people every year, with almost half of them coming from Nevada. A good percentage of the people working at casinos are women. In terms of remuneration, casinos are one of the best places to make money, with a dealer getting as much as 700 dollars per week on a busy week in Nevada on average. Apart from the glamorous life and the relatively higher pay grade, there are several other factors that make casinos and the gaming industry quite suitable for women. Some of these are given below.

Perks Of Getting The Job

One of the biggest advantages of taking a job at a casino for women is that they get the option of flexibility of working time. Since casinos are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is easy for them to decide what time frame works best for them. Casino jobs are not dead end jobs. The staff do get promotions. Most casinos also have a rule that they promote their employees before hiring for a new post. Working conditions are never too shabby at a casino because a lot of money goes into keeping the casino oh so glamorous as it is. Women who love to travel might also be in luck. If they want to, they can get transfers to other casinos, and visit new exciting places. Maybe a transfer might also be a way to get closer to where they were settled originally.

 Getting The Job


The dealer is the person who distributes cards, sets up the table, rolls the dice and spins the wheels. This is however a job that you should be considering only if you are confident that you are good with people. You might have to deal with all kinds of people going through all sorts of emotions, because you will be dealing with people who have either been winning or losing continuously, or dealing with trying not to lose. Dealers need not be good at mathematics or be really good with numbers because most of the calculations are done by computers. They need not have a formal education either, they just need to be good at the game and know all the rules.

Pit Boss

Pit bosses are like managers, they are responsible for the active working of a select number of dealers and staff that come under their supervision. Since this job pays nothing less than 50,000 dollars a year and have flexible timings, it would be a good working environment for women.

An Inside Look: The Secrets of Casino Design

Casino Design

Every ambience – be it a casino or an elegant restaurant, follows certain sets of rules and guidelines that adds a character to the place. This mainly lies behind the psychology of the place and its architecture that tends to attract millions of people from around the globe.

Psychology reminiscent of changing the minds of the people are followed by the casinos as well. The casino ambiences follow this procedure and blueprint of building casinos that it often keeps people wondering if it’s the logistics or the size of the building that drags them back. That said, the influence of the buildings’ architecture is still a topic of debate for centuries. Hence, casino owners tend to concentrate on the interior aspects of it, to keep the customers hooked to their seats.


Some of these secrets and tactics are mentioned in this article, check them out!

Labyrinthine design

Casinos are built with the intent to extract as much money from the customers, as possible. This means they ought to keep them hooked to their seats and play the games for a longer duration of time. They have rightly emphasized the detailing to the interiors of the building over the years- hence they dive into a straight cut design methodology. The labyrinth and sophisticated designs with extravagant lights at each corner of the casino are what keeps them glued to their seats and completely detriment. The presence of the marble flooring and the ceiling lights and many more, adds to the everyday opulence of the ambience and awestruck the people in the ambience.

Illumination of the ambience

Illumination means the lightning of the ambience that is believed to change or alter the psychological decisions made by the players in the ambience. According to the studies conducted on interior designing, the presence and the difference in the lighting of an ambience has an impact on the person’ choices and their physiological behaviour. Due to this, the casinos generally comprises of dim lights around the corners and the tables, but brighter lights around the rest of the ambience. This creates a homely atmosphere which retains the players in the buildings, playing and losing money to the casino establishment.

placement of machines

The placement of machines

Lastly, the placement of the table games and the machines play a significant role in determining the popularity of the games. If you’ve ever entered a casino ambience before, you might have noticed that the games are placed haphazardly. This is termed explicitly as the flooring of machines that drags the players to the games. Slot machines are generally placed in the beginning because they generate significant revenue to the house when mapped to other games. The machines or the games that yield lesser profits to the floor are generally at the corners of the house. Hence, they are placed in the dark, so that people do not notice them.

Casino Design: The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

Casino Design

Casinos are ambiences that are a testament for sophistication and lavishness. These magnetic places follow some great designs and architecture. Over time the traditional designs of a casino have changed drastically that today it is an epitome of modern-day architecture and contemporary designs that many of the world’s popular casinos have incorporated.

Anyone who has entered a casino before is aware of this lavishness and sophistication. The magnetic nature of such places is what attracts millions and millions of customers from across the globe every year.

These designs and ambiences are not done to attract the customers, but it’s a tactic to retain the old customers and enhance their mentality to spend more on the games.

We will provide a brief explanation of the sneaky tricks that are employed by the casinos to make you spend more amount of money while at their ambience.

Playing with chips

By chips, we mean the poker tokens or the credits or they’re also called the poker chips. We often come across casino ambience that makes use of these poker chips instead of dealing with real money. This especially happens in a game of cards or the game of poker. It is one of the main tricks that is followed by the casino’s to create an illusion of not losing money.

The colourful chips are often a misguided aspect to the people, which makes them think that they are winning more while they are losing their money. Hence, people that are playing poker or blackjack often tend to invest more money in each hand because they are not directly dealing with their cash.

Casino Design

The concept of placement

Have you ever entered a casino and wondered why the slot machines are placed at the corners, and some are placed right at the entrance? While some video poker machines are placed next to the blackjack tables, the poker rooms are separately fashioned at the corner position in a casino. This is generally employed to create a maze-like pattern inside the ambience, to catch the players’ attention and prevent them from walking out quickly. For instance, if you’re bored with the slot machines present at the corner of the room and you decide to leave the ambience. But in the way you find a video poker machine or a blackjack table that looks interesting, then you’ll be called to play a game or two. This is the tactic that has followed by the casino ambience and 90% of the time players often fall prey to such tactics.

Illumination of the ambience

According to different studies that are conducted based on the lighting of an ambience in general, it affects the physiological decisions that are catered by the mind. The same physiology is applied in the casinos as well where the. Casinos put the utmost concentration in dimming the lights and creating a homely atmosphere so that the customers stick around for a longer duration of time and lose their money to the management.

Top 15 secrets that casinos don’t want you to know


Casinos are the places that are well-known for lending out money after the players start playing. Despite offering the constant, bonuses, payouts and jackpots, they still never run out of business. Have you ever wondered why?

House edge is one of the primary sources of their income, but apart from that, there are various secrets that the casino industry hides from their customers.

Casino players

Well, of course, every industry and business has secrets that they do not want to expose to the world. In the same way, the casino industry also comprises of a few (or a lot)  of secrets. In this article, we’ve jotted down 15 of those secrets, check them out!

Players being studied

This is especially true when you win significant amounts, time and again at the table or on any games on a casino floor.

The rooms

Most times, the hotel rooms aren’t full but left empty for the casino players to rest.

Psychology of sounds and lighting

The casino floors designed their ambience and interiors to divert the attention of the players.


Due to the higher rate of the house edge, almost every gambler hates to play keno.


Generally, they feel bad for losers. However, they’re not allowed to say it out loud. One of the significant ways by which you can keep the dealers under control is by tipping them regularly for them to root for your win.


Monitoring poker rooms

are generally not monitored as much as other sections of the ambience because the players are playing against one another.

 Food and drinks

Most of the times, many players can find themselves winning bonus cards or free drinks or meals on the menu.

 Food and drinks

Secret eye

The security guards and the members in the ambience secretly have an eye on each player on the floor.

The warmth of the lighting

Like mentioned earlier lighting places a significant role in an ambience, and hence you cannot ignore how warm and welcoming the illumination of the ambience makes the players feel.

No clocks

If you have ever witnessed a casino ambience, you often come across the fact that no clocks are hanging on the walls or none of the dealers wears watches on their hands.

Most games are better than the others.

The video poker reduces the house edge even though there is no guarantee of winning each time. The chance is of the game turning in your favour is highly likely.

Some are worse than others.

This is in contrast to the above point which rips you off your pocket some games like blackjack and poker offers house edge as low as 1.5% whereas the others like keno and crabs provide as high as thirty per cent.

Free classes

Some of the casinos around the world offer free classes to their regular customers and players to teach them how to play blackjack or poker and other games that have high popularity in the ambience.

Progressives slot jackpots

Majority of the progressives, slot jackpots do not payout regularly.

slot jackpots

 Edge over the house

Yes, without breaking any rules, it is possible to get an edge over the house, but it follows a lot of practice patience and tactics which can be taught in these free classes as well.

Every game comprises of a sucker bet.

This means every reaches a point where the bets are the worst, and the casinos are generally aware of this point.

How Casinos Use Design Psychology to Get You to Gamble

Design Psychology

If you don’t already know the psychological tricks played by casinos to retain their customers in the ambience, then we are here to tell you a big secret. A casino is a fun and exciting ambience that offers a lot of money on a daily basis. But they employ specific tactics to make the customers or the players spend a lot more than what they give out to the customers. Many of these land-based establishments have designed techniques and strategies at the table, at the bar, or at the entire ambience that attacks the psychological elements of the customers.

Since the entire casino industry relies mainly on the customer’s money, they naturally stem from playing more so they can earn more. But the approach is a very tactically curated, strategic one that even the smartest people on earth cannot point their fingers at.

casino industry

The strategic use of colours

Have you ever bothered to notice the use of colour combinations and the interiors of a casino? Most of the casinos around the world follow a similar décor, more or less have the same interior, which has a slight difference from one another. They comprise of warm browns, velvet reds and also yellow’s in their colour combinations which portray an inviting element and also complements the illusion of attraction throughout the day. The bold colours and flooring subconsciously attract the customers to the place and keeps them gambling throughout the day.

Portraying elegance and richness

One of the main components that portray the sophistication, richness and elegance of the ambience is the use of furniture and decor items. They opt for a comfortable seat for the players so that they do not feel like getting up from their seats. The visually appealing, rich furniture which relaxes the players and attracts them, keeps them hooked to their seats.

Convenience and accommodation

Many of the land-based casinos often offer accommodation to the players who are playing overnight.  This makes the players comfortable and allows them to gamble for later hours in the night.


Location plays an important role, although it is the most underrated factor in any of the business establishments. A casino that is located and the outskirts mean an escape from the reality and sort of a mini-vacation from their residents. If this does not help the people loosen up, then we don’t know what will.

Membership ideas

Members who hold cards in a casino are subjected or entitled to various discounts balls rewards coupons meals. Many more the membership cards are often lent out by the casinos which is the smartest tactics of all because even if they don’t even if the customers do not want or return they’re forced to return because of their membership cards.