How To Get A Job At A Casino – 10 Jobs You Can Get Right Now

Casino Jobs

Casinos are fun and exciting places to be at. Casinos can be seen like a resort, catering to a person’s every need. Therefore, they require people from a very wide range of areas. Casinos are not known to pay excellent, but they do pay enough. Some jobs can get you only minimum wage but they can make up for it with tips from gamblers. This allows the dealers to get more money than a person working for minimum wage.

Casinos also promote their employees, and have a policy that they promote their employees before hiring new ones. Here are some jobs you can get at a casino.


The dealer is the person who shuffles and distributes the cards on the table. Most casinos hire people without a degree, but there are casinos that hire dealers that have certification for dealing. There are vocational institutions that provide a certificate for dealing. This gives the dealer an edge over the other people who are applying. A dealer’s job also includes, reducing losses to the house, regularly shuffling cards, checking if a player is cheating etc.

Wait Staff

Being a waiter or bartender is one of the more lucrative jobs a person can hope for in a casino. The wait staff are supposed to be in uniform at all times. Communication skills are one of the most important skills that the wait staff needs to possess at a casino, because only then can they get tips; and only tips can get them enough money to live by.


Pit Boss

A pit boss is like an overseer of the games in the casino. The job of the pit boss is to make sure that people do not take advantage of the game and make more money than the casino can afford. Their job also includes making sure that all the equipment coming under that pit boss is in top condition and making sure they run perfectly. Contrary to popular belief, pit bosses are not always trying to ruin your day. They actually always try to resolve all conflicts peacefully.

Surveillance Officer

The surveillance officer is the person whose job is to keep looking at multiple CCTV footages and make sure that no cheating is taking place. They are responsible for the safety and security of the casino and also maintaining records of the audio and video being recorded 24×7.

Gaming Manager

The gaming manager’s job is much like a pit boss’s job, but only with a wider scope. The gaming manager makes sure that all the people playing are playing fair and all the staff under them are conducting themselves in a professional manner.

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